Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HR Guest Lecture – Biju V John – 12.07.14

The subject of the Guest lecture is Recruitment and Selection, which became more and more interesting when Mr.Biju has started the conversation with United Spirits being 100% subsidiary of DIGO (U.S. based company) and the challenges that an HR personnel need to undergo during the Merger & Acquisition. 
He specified Recruitment is the major vertical among the various HR verticals as it needs fulfil all the activities (Organizational structure, Sourcing, Screening and Short listing) under the process for the better person to fit into the particular job and organization culture, when the cost of manpower increase (one side) and demand of profitability of business (another side), in such situation, Activities alone are not needed without the Strategic Planning and Strategic Functioning.


When an Organization need to achieve a goal, it has to work on the three blocks: S (Strategy) M (Measure) A (Activities).
  1.          Strategies: On board job strategies helps to have employee engaged with the Organization and vice versa
  2.         Measure: 6.2 months is called as “professional period”, where most of the employees and organization decides whether the engagement is worthwhile.
  3.         Activities: The actions that are taken to meet the Strategies and Measures

As one of our friends asked a question, “what is the scope of an HR in the organization, when it (HR) is being outsourced?”
รจ Mr. Biju replied very effectively by saying, “100% HR cannot be outsourced but only the activities which doesn’t add any major value to the organization or the process, such activities are being outsourced.”
Later on the conversation moved on to “Leadership is a commodity”, justifying it by providing us with the Gallup survey of Blue Ocean Leadership article, published in HBR. In that particular survey it stated that, Leaders are not focusing on what they need to do, rather they do what more than what they need not do.  Engagement of employee from day one is important and leadership style is very much important.
The conversation came to an end by the topic “Culture transformation and integration”, it is very challenging job for an HR and Organization during the merger and acquisition of two different cultured organizations. There are three types of entries into the organization:
  1.     .   New Entry : No issue of adopting into the culture of the organization
  2.        Lateral Entry : one who carries a baggage of past culture, and the change becomes bit tougher for the employee (to fit in) and employer (to make he/she adjust into)
  3.     .   M&A entry: It is a forced entry  for an employee to imbibe into the very different culture and it’s really a challenging task for an employer  and organization to make it successful and employee to retain with organization


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K Kavita Deepthi