Friday, December 27, 2013

Article by Ajay Kumar


Isn’t it fascinating that different mind-set of people attracts different perception, working towards the same organizational goals and objectives. But this may seem fascinating for interlopers or viewers, but as far as the organizationis concerned, they think of these behaviours as and could be the concept of changing attitudes. Is it possible to bring all the employees of an organization under one umbrella? Umbrella of - similar thinking, equivalent perception, acceptable attitude. The answer lies in the department called Human Resources.

A department which initiates, brings in the concept of mutual trust and understanding among its employees. These people take the greatest burden of understanding and evaluating the human brain which indirect forms the attitude, perception and behaviour. As I was surfing through the internet, I came across this beautiful quote which goes, “It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”. Yes! Indeed it’s true. It’s the fuel that drives the employees to attain their goals. But is it always possible for a human to focus on these aspects with such disturbing noise around him/her? If the answer is yes! Then probably the demand for human resources would have been eliminated, isn’t it? But certainly we can say that the majority of them would probably say no.

            In that case, is it possible for organizations to achieve the highest targets with these intentions of people? This is the point where the role of HR department come where they certainly makes sure that the path laid forward is towards the success of the organization. They bring in a certain level of understanding among its employees, creating for a healthy work environment.Since the task involved in resolving this issue is huge, they take the burden of making a good amount of contribution towards the organizational goals and objectives.

            As at IFIM, the group of students who are keen in Human Resource enrichment, have a great opportunity in bringing a change at IFIM and at corporate level in future. Even though the group is small, they tend to act as one team. And the fuel is what that allows common people to achieve the uncommon results. They certainly carry the potential and talent in understanding humans, wherein making an impression of letting others to understand the human behaviour. To end on what we believe a human resource can do with the knowledge and understanding they possess, it’s just the time that will heal the way, if you have any pain. “You will make a mark; for the reason who started with the dot. It will not be late, because you have initiated and lighted the torch”.
Writer : Ajay Kumar S.
Finance Student at IFIM B School.


p said...

i have a question for AJAY , do you really think IFIM is following the HR practices not for the employees for the students ? What changes in HR practices which makes the students to satisfy the students ?