Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Heart and Smart Dimensions

Mapping techniques are often a useful way to present image data. One technique which has proven especially useful in this regard is what we refer to as a "Performance Map". Performance maps are similar to perceptual maps with one main difference - Performance Maps possess a best and worst position on the map. Similar to perceptual maps, Performance Maps illustrate the relative positioning of any given brand relative to its competitive set. However, because Performance Maps possess a best and worst position, Performance Maps are more effective at illustrating the respective strength of a brand relative to its competitors.
Heart and Smart DimensionsWhen applied in corporate or brand imagery research, performance maps tend to consist of two dimensions that are referred to as the Heart and Smart Dimensions. The Heart Dimension illustrates the extent to which a corporation, organization or brand is perceived to be responsive to the needs of its customers or clientele. The Smart Dimension illustrates the extent to which the company, organization or brand is perceived to be competent and offers products and services which are innovative and full featured. Although the Heart and Smart Dimensions are derived statistically, they have been observed across a wide range of industry sectors. The two dimensions are considered to reflect the fact that individuals tend to personify corporations, organizations and brands and to project personality traits onto the entity.