Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rangaraj K S
Head HR & Compliance at Texport Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

He is an HR generalist with varied industry exposure of more than 20yrs. Presently, working in Texport Overseas Pvt. Ltd., as Head HR & Compliance, since 1year.
He even has experience in various industries, to name a few; he worked at Bombay Rayon Fashion Ltd (BRFL) as Vice President CSR, Personnel & Industrial Relations – Garment Division. As Group Head HR at EPIC Designers Ltd, AVP – HR at Texport Syndicate India Ltd, Head Compliance South at T Group Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Country Head-HR at Tyco fire & Security, and many more.
Education Background:
He has his schooling from Swami Vivekanand High School Sindhi society Chembur, Mumbai and Airport High School, Mumbai
Interests & Achievements:

He has done few stage shows and won awards in singing. He is very much interested in Professional Management training and held centre stage in conducting programs with excellent communication and language skills. He also has his liking towards Cricket where he played lot of matches in his younger days.

Creative Sourcing

Change… the only thing that lasts forever, said by anonymous.

This applies for one of the core vertical of HR – Recruiting also. The traditional way of getting people into the organization has been undergoing many changes. Candidates are attracted to the creative ways of finding them.

As per the Mating Theory, recruiting is joining together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs. Now here comes the ‘fit’. A potential candidate’s mindset of looking for a vacancy in an organization has changed. They are not just looking at the JD or the profile the company offering to them. It is more about the work culture of the organization, and aspiration for their career development and how is the organization going to add value to their career.

Having the ability to source and uncover top talent is crucial to success. Sometimes the tools we use come from non-traditional means. The organization may need to focus on the following parameters in attracting the right candidates for their organisation.

Ø  Survey says, 77% of job applicants receive no communication from the organization after applying
Ø  Applicants are also more attracted by the way which the employer advertises/come up with the creative ideas displaying their Job descriptions, skills and requirements etc…
Ø  More the creative you are, higher the probability of getting the right candidate to apply 

Recruitment of a computer engineer - If the candidate is interested in the position he/she tries to solve it. This shows keen interest towards the profile, and also the selection process is simplified instead of taking the written tests, and testing the aptitude skills.

Examples of some companies who followed Creative Sourcing:

1 1.       Starbucks:

By living its values and value mission, Starbucks is able to attract people who share its values. One of the VP of resourcing, Starbucks strategy is “To have right people hiring the right people”. Company encourages recruits to self-select out of the hiring process, stating they should recruit the candidates who are adaptable, dependable and passionate team players.

1 2.       Google:

It holds talent competitions at different parts of the world and encourages the participants by offering them one of the best profiles in research and development.

1 3.       Cisco Systems:
Cisco uses creative advertisements and stunts to draw job seekers in the website. At a football Cisco employees spelled out the company’s Web address with lettered cards, and one of the innovative ideas they have followed is, they placed a mobile billboard at a grid lock intersection in Silicon Valley saying “You can stay home and work for Cisco in Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley”. This attracted the huge crowd for entry level vacancies. The more interesting thing is, it sponsors coffee arts at industry conferences, asking the patrons to fill the information sheets while they are waiting for their coffee.

Social media is no longer a strategy for recruiters.
It’s an important piece to have,

But you won’t be successful with just that...

Active, Semi passive & Passive job seekers:

Now, a creative sourcing plan should attract the passive and semi-passive job seekers. Because, it is easy to get the active job seekers into the organisation. They may be desperately waiting for the companies to announce the vacancies but taking an example, a potential candidate who is satisfied with the present job/designation in other organisation will come under the semi-passive /passive job seeker.

Check list for Effective Sourcing:
An effective sourcing strategy should must meet the following goals – speed, cost, candidate and new hire quality. It doesn’t matter how many people apply to an organisation if none of them meet the minimum hiring requirements.

Here are some tips by Roy Milton for Recruiting 2.0 :

1.       BE CURIOUS à Leads to Insight
Ask WHY and WHY IF.
If you’re sourcing, be a detective, find different angles on people and do your best to get into their career mindset – only then will you really be able to determine if they will fit with your culture.
2.       Go for a walk à Physical activity frees the mind to wander
Going out and getting a coffee, the smells, the banter, the sunshine, the feel of the cup the hand makes you want to open laptop and do some work.
3.       Talk to people, Different people à Fresh perspectives are helpful
Never say no to a meet people. Doesn’t matter if your career fields are polar opposites, take the meeting, make the connection, who knows what you’ll be able to talk about and discover.
4.       Be doodling à If you think it, ink it
Give your creative ideas some structure by jotting them down. You think you won’t have to because you’ll remember them, but you really won’t.
5.       Create bad work à Be bad to be good
Trust the process.
Learn from your mistakes, don’t be afraid of looking like an idiot. Version 203.8 is still a long way to go.
6.       Be Original à Remember why you started
Stay true to your mission. In sourcing, in doing your job, in working with people.
7.       Be simple à Be believable
Human truth cannot lie.
Even though sourcing is a complex process, the idea behind it stays simple. To find the right person for the right job. Don’t let complicated search science cloud that truth.
8.       Be happy à Have fun. It’s only advertising
Finding that right person for a job sometimes feels like winning at a casino. Jackpot! When this happens – and even when it doesn’t – have fun and enjoy the process.

Sources:; Strategic Staffing by Phillips & Gully