Sunday, June 08, 2014

Crosswords 9- Cross Culture


3. MITBESTIMMUNG--German word for Co-determination (13)
4. PATRONAGE--The power to control appointments to office (9)
5. GLOCALIZATION--The practice of global branding and localized marketing, where a global brand adapts to the differences in local culture (13)
10. INPATRIATE--A foreign employee who is assigned to work in the home country of the parent multinational (10)
11. ETHNOCENTRISM--Believing that the people, customs and traditions of your own race are better than those of others (13)
12. ETIQUETTE--Conventional requirements as to social behavior (9)
13. PROXEMICS--The study of how different cultures use space in different ways(9)
15. CHARISMA--A divinely conferred power or talent (8)
16. IGVAR KAMPRAD--The founder of IKEA (12)


1. EXPATRIATE--An individual who works outside his/her country, been relocated
by their company to a foreign country (10)
2. NEPOTISM--Favoritism granted in politics or business to relatives (8)
6. PATRIARCHY--A social system in which males are the primary authority figures
central to social organization (10)
7. UNIVERSALISM--The approach that believes rules and principles are always
applicable (12)
8. PAROCHIALISM--Narrow-mindedness is also termed as ________ (12)
9. OCULESICS--_______ is the study of eye-related nonverbal communication (9)
14. EGALITARIAN--A person who advocates or supports the principle of equality
for all people (11)