Friday, December 27, 2013


NHRD – Bangalore chapter

Monthly meet – October 2013


            The meet started in the evening with the speech by Mr. K G Umesh, Honorary Vice President NHRD Bangalore chapter, he briefed about the previous month events: Joy of giving shadows the HR leader, Faculty development initiative, HR: The round a head at XIME Bangalore, 17th National HRD annual conference, Advisory board meeting, TRIADS – HR project content & awards, academic contest among b-schools.

            The speech was continued by Mr. Sudheesh, Honorary President NHRD Bangalore chapter. He spoke about quality of discussion and the topics: India people agenda, covering growth rate and inflation conditions in India and 15 lakh people joining the jobs every year. Then he introduced the speakers for the day:

1.      Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan (Visiting Fellow at ISB and Professor at IIMB)
2.      Srivatsa Krishna (Secretary - IT and BT, Govt of Karnataka)
3.      Krishna Kumar - Co-Founder, CEO and MD - Mindtree and Chairman NASSCOM

The discussion started by question from Krishna Kumar to his fellow speakers – Get the prospects of 2 great thinkers and Utilize the resources to make Bangalore as “The Silicon Valley of India” by 2020,How Jugad Innovation would leverage the opportunities.

Rishikesha Krishnan spoke about people agenda for future and use of demography, how do we make all this on ground?

·         Paradoxical situations in India
·         Challenges – Opportunities of Jobs are no more traditional
·  Work practice and work culture, where people made to stick to particular target, improvisation of Skills?

            Srivatsa Krishna, raised the discussion on New IT policies taken that changes the ECO system, which is intensively political and short staffed & officer’s – Load of Seven. He gave the idea and work to political ECO system which is just like market, where working is hard, IT Policy. He states that – “Individuals build institutions and Institutions build Individuals”, which has been broken in India.

            Krishna Kumar continued by saying that the role of institutions especially IIM’s producing professionals in no connect with the problems in the society. He also speaks about the civic sense that is to be maintained by the Professionals. He put a question to RK that, “IIM’s are the institutions produce people without the knowledge towards the society and just to get target on ROI of 25L and 35L,or to get placed aboard”?  RK replied –
·         Students need to be socially sensitive
·         IIM – Indore, as project course stayed in villages of MP
·         Alumni in NGO’s & CSR activities in organization

“Jobs chasing people and people chasing jobs”

ü  Budget allocated by govt. is huge in skills develops corps & IT policies. Are the policies being utilized?
ü  2020 – Bangalore would be the crystal top in the world, allocating jobs for 20L people and 60L indirect jobs
ü  Setting up second IIIT in Karnataka – following time share model ,developing infrastructure with govt. and clubbed with 5 B-Schools

Audience Questions – Demographic Dividend

Difference between have’s & have not’s? Comparing with China, have we brought out of poverty?

SK - Growth without equity is done by the govt.1996 – 2001, AP IT expose to 34crs and grown to 9,000 cr by vision of Mr. Naidu, Grab gap has been narrowed. Creating Satellite Township; Bangalore has come up 10,000 acre near the International Airport. FSI rises whenever the metro stops in particular stop.

Report by : 
K. Kavita Deepthi,
PGDM student at IFIM B School.